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Ravvr. It'z alvvayz zomething...

Alvvayz zomething. Zo, lazt vveek the hingez on my laptop completely died. My laptop zcreen flopped around and I had to get out my tabletop eazel to zupport it from behind zo I could actually ZEE. Other than that, it vvaz fine. Today, a Dell repairman came and fi>
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Alvvayz zomething. Zo, lazt vveek the hingez on my laptop completely died. My laptop zcreen flopped around and I had to get out my tabletop eazel to zupport it from behind zo I could actually ZEE. Other than that, it vvaz fine. Today, a Dell repairman came and fi><ed the zcreen and all vvaz good. Of courze, no one thought to check to zee if the keyboard vvorked before he left. Zigh. He'z coming back tonight to fi>< it again zo I can uze the three letterz (and number tvvo) that refuze to vvork. Meanvvhile, I get to have e><tra fun vvhile typing! Or typo-ing. VVoot!
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Artsy Crafty Filter!

Woot, the shop is now up and running! Yay. I'm hoping to get some time this weekend to start on a few luna dragon plushies. Fun stuff! Probably won't sell anything, but it doesn't cost that much to list things and they're at least fun to get feedback on. Anywho, I'm planning on making an artsy crafty filter where I can post what I've done to stick on Etsy. Comment if you'd like to be on the filter!

[/shameless promotion]
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So I was being easily amused last night and messing around when I made this icon and it amused me to no end. Sooo, I share the overreacting fun! FREE ICONS. WOOT.
Comment with a reference linky and I'll make you a free icon, OMG!!!! Consider it an early V-Day gifty.

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Many, many apologies!

First off, I want to reassure everyone that I AM alive. I'm also incredibly sorry for worrying everyone and falling off the Internet like that. I know there really isn't any way to excuse my behavior, but I'll try to explain what happened. I wasn't trying to dodge people or ignore anyone!
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The Best Alarm Clock

Oh, so cute and so true. I miss my kitties.... Only about a month and a half before I get to go home and see them! I've never been so long without kitties. It's been five months so far. ;_;
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Halloween Vector Icons!

Who loves to get free stuff for Halloween? :D Well, I wanted to do something special, so here's the plan:

If I've made an icon for you in the past, I'll make a Halloween version for you! Sorry to everyone who doesn't have an icon yet - I just have a short time to do them, so I have to work from ones with existing bases.

And if you don't want to bother with all of this mess, the three icons at the top are free-for-all, take 'em if you want 'em! Woo!

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1. I have to have already made you an icon (again, sorry!)
2. It has to be using an existing expression (but if you want a new one, just poke me with a trade or $1)
3. Only TWO icons per person (this might change depending on demand)
4. Offer ends 3:00 p.m. EST Wednesday, October 31! (Mostly, this is to make sure I have time to finish them all by Wednesday night.)

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Dragonriders: Chronicles of Pern

So earlier today I felt like I just needed a fun break from all these durn midterms, so I pulled out my Dragonriders: Chronicles of Pern CD. It's one of those games that you find in the bargain bin and years later it's nowhere to be found in stores. I mean, I adore this game. Yes, it's glitchy at times. Yes, it's got some horrendous camera problems. I can see why it got bad reviews. They don't explain the Pern world at all in the game, but it's beyond awesome if you've read the books! I can deal with the glitchies for the awesomeness of the graphics (keep in mind that it was made in 2001)

Squee! The dragons just make me all happy. The voice acting is great, the dialog is awesome (they worked closely with Anne McCaffery, so it sounds like it came straight out of the book), and the face animation is pretty advanced. Eyes blink, eyebrows move, and they have teeth and tongues. Which is awesome for a 2001 computer game. In my opinion.

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If I can figure out some way to do video capture, I'll make videos of the awesome dragon flight sequences. Mmm, purr. But I have no clue how to video capture, bah.
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For joy reigns everywhere around!

Woo, what a week. But I'm so excited! I ordered some merchandise from my cafepress store, and I can't wait to see how it looks. Of course, it's going to take a bit since I ordered a black shirt and it takes a minimum of 5 days to ship. But still, -glee!- I know I probably could print stuff off on iron transfer paper and do it cheaper for my own use, but I don't trust my cheapo printer. Plus, it's hard enough to find ink for it as it is, since it's 3 years old...

For any of you interested in learning how to do vector (at least in Inkscape) here is a quicky tutorial I cooked up: [Big Tutorial Image o' Doom]. I made it a week or so ago for a friend. If you want the full interactive effect, poke me and I'll send the .svg file in an email. Yay!

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Moodthemes and Art Dump-age!

Woo! I seem to be mostly over my cold now. Hopefully I'll have developed an immunity to whatever's going around now and I won't get sick the rest of the semester. At least being cooped up for so long has stimulated my muse! So now I'll dump a bunch of art and icons and store stuff on you, hehehe!

Commission Queue Journal(plenty of icon slots left, and two moodtheme slots open!
Commission Prices and Information

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Oh, and on a slightly different note, if I've done vector art for you and you'd like a high resolution version of anything for any reason I'd be glad to send big files over!