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...of DOOM

29 June 1987
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Hello! Welcome to my profile of DOOM.

Yay, it's Ari the cute wind dragon. I don't know why I put him here...
Info For Those Who Care
Paypal:katolincat (at) gmail.com
Random Bits of InfoI'm a girl
I'm an avid cat lover. I have four cats.
I like to draw fantasy creatures. Woo!
I'm in college and I hope to get a degree in Animal Heath. My career goal is to be a veterinarian.
I've lived in Nebraska, southern Texas, and Georgia.
I like talking to people online.
I roleplay quite frequently with friends.
I read. A lot. Book collections beware! I enjoy fantasy and sci fi.
My taste in music is quite odd. I like prog rock and easy listening. And pop-Opera stuff. Country is okay. Classical makes me sleepy. I dunno.
I used to play clarinet in high school. Yay, fun.
I can't think of any more random things to add to this list....

So yes. I finally joined LiveJournal because I've heard good things about the community. I hope I can post with some frequency, even if I'm not all that sure about sharing my private life. Mayhaps I will just blather on. Sometimes that happens. Like now. Woo! So, if I were to talk about me...Well, there's not much to say. I lead an uneventful life and I draw. Yay, fun! Hehe. I like to talk to people online, and I mess around on DeviantArt quite a bit. As in constantly. I consider myself to be smart and strange. I'd rather be at home than out partying. My 'closest' friends live hundreds of miles away, so I talk online more than I converse face-to-face people. That's strange. Anywho. I'd love to meet you, Person-who-is-reading-this, if I haven't already, so comment away!

Also, no taking the art above. I drew it all, and I'd rather not have to hunt down thieves with my trusty baseball bat of anti-thievery.